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To make a reservation, please visit the website [tabelog].

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If you would like to make a reservation for a wedding reception, second party or any other party, please fill out the reservation form below.

A note on reservations


Reservation form

Party type
Reservation type
*Reservations can be made after 10 days and up to one year.
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It will take 7 hours from entering the venue to preparing (bringing in planners, sound operators, and other flowers, equipment, and supplies) and leaving the venue.
If you exceed 7 hours, an extension fee will be charged. (30,000 yen/30 minutes)
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If you would like a time other than the above, please enter it in the remarks column.

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Party plan PRICE LIST


For one person / 3 hours
(Last order of 2 hours and 30 minutes.)

Wedding cake
Party plan PRICE LIST
*2 hours of free drinks, buffet style.
*The plan can be changed up to 1 week before the reservation date.
Wedding cake
*Chekies do not come with film.
Party plan PRICE LIST
*The plan can be changed up to 1 week before the reservation date.
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